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range of resources that will help you prepare for your Amateur Radio exam.

More so than any cooking competition I’ve seen in the US, ; Pillsbury owns the “Bake-Off” trademark in the US) doesn’t just celebrate the act of baking.

I’d always had a sweet tooth—“a sweet of teeth” was my go-to groan-worthy line whenever I joked about how much I loved pastries—so why not stop outsourcing the thing that gave me the most joy?

What had long seemed an inscrutable pursuit became a thrilling challenge.

Paul will be be gathering and working with a team of Volunteers.

There have been many people offering various types of assistance, so we will gather those interested in helping and working to get site up to date.

This not-so-quick escalation speaks to my addictive personality.

No sooner had I mastered one kind of recipe than I’d find myself wanting a more ambitious challenge.

I first chanced upon this ridiculous-sounding baked good through a Texan friend of mine. Growing up I never had the inclination nor the patience to learn how to bake anything that didn’t come ready-made in a box with instructions as simple as “add eggs and water.” Rarely did the final product merit the amount of effort I’d expended. In order not to dispel its own allure I steered clear of learning the secrets behind it, choosing instead to delight in its wonders as a wide-eyed bystander.