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The state is well positioned for the next decade in higher education.

The VCCS, meanwhile, functions much like the ECVA but only at the community college level.

The organization monitors distance enrollment opportunities at all of its member community colleges, both full programs and individual courses.

Walden University allows you to earn you degree fast!

Undergraduate students can transfer up to 75% of required credits & master's programs can be completed in as few as 12 months!

Virginia also awarded out $214.9 million in tuition waivers over the same period.

Altogether, Virginia students have a slew of schools to choose from, varied financial support services and incredibly strong graduation rates and job placement stats.

Below, you will find our rankings of the best online four-year programs in Virginia.

Our profiles look at how schools approach online education and then list out their services for distance students and their popular, fully online degrees.

After reviewing the best online schools in VA, explore our state resources, like a database of every college and university in Virginia or our index of popular in-state scholarships.

To determine the best online colleges in each state, we examined the factors most important to prospective students: Academic quality and reputation, online program strength, and cost and student aid.

Students at 24 of Virginia’s community colleges can readily inquire about and pursue distance courses at their fellow VCCS schools.