Start Rake db migrate not updating schema

Rake db migrate not updating schema

django-tethys_apps - An app to enable development and hosting capabilities for Tethys Apps.

Enables django applications to register users using facebook. django-libs - A collection of things that we re-use in every Django project, such as custom middlewares, testrunner, templates, templatetags, test mixins, test factories etc...

Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. django-autocomplete-light - Fresh autocompletes for Django django-pipeline - Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django.

django-test - UNKNOWN django-coop - A basis for a cooperative organization directory, with people, organization, offers.

django-mail-queue - Simple Mail Queuing for Django django-cacheops - A slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation for Django.

grappelli_safe - A snapshot of the grappelli_2 branch of django-grappelli, packaged as a dependency for the Mezzanine CMS for Django.

django-common - A number of useful django shortcuts and helpers django-nap - A light REST tool for Django django-ebaysync - UNKNOWN Django-Pizza - Yet another Django CMS.

django-summernote - Summernote plugin for Django django-permission - A enhanced permission system which enable logical permissionsystems to complex permissions django-admin-bootstrapped - A Bootstrap theme for Django Admin django-admin-steroids - UNKNOWN cmsplugin-fbalbum - facebook album plugin for django-cms django-stripe-payments - a payments Django app for Stripe django-s3file - A lightweight Fine Uploader input for Django and Amazon S3 django-thjodskra - django-thjodskra is a simple app for integrating the icelandic national registry into your django project django-ripple_api - Python wrapper for the Ripple API django-inspectional-registration - Django registration app which required inspection step before activation django-frog - Media server built on django django-tables2 - Table/data-grid framework for Django django-webtest - Instant integration of Ian Bicking's Web Test ( with django's testing framework.