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Note: Our enforcement procedures are being revised to reflect recent changes to Seattle's labor standards laws. Until then, please review the changes to these ordinances and consider them when reading the current posted rules.

If the employee uses paid sick time again on the following Monday, the employee would have used paid sick time for more than three consecutive days and could be required by his or her employer to obtain reasonable documentation from a health care provider.

top SHRR 70-400 - Documentation for clear instance or pattern of abuse When there is a clear instance or pattern of abuse, an employer may require reasonable documentation to verify that an employee's use of paid sick/safe time is consistent with the Ordinance regardless of whether the employee has used paid sick/safe time for more than three consecutive days.

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Employees of Tier Three employers shall accrue at least one hour of paid time for every 30 hours worked in Seattle. top SHRR 70-110 - Accrual of combined or universal leave Employees of employers with a combined or universal leave policy, such as a paid time off (PTO) policy, shall accrue at least one hour of paid time at the rate required for the employer's tier size. top SHRR 70-170 - Frontloading An employer's provision of paid sick/safe time in advance of accrual shall be permissible frontloading, provided that the frontloading meets the Ordinance requirements for accrual, use and carry over.

top SHRR 70-200 - Location of use All covered employees, including traditional employees, temporary workers, part-time employees and employees who perform work in Seattle on an occasional basis, shall be entitled to use paid sick/safe time during times that they are scheduled to perform work in Seattle.

top SHRR 70-260 - Concurrent leave An employee's use of paid sick/safe time also may qualify for concurrent leave under federal, state or other local laws (e.g.