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Awesome dating games

People love to get up in arms about online dating, as if it were so terribly different from conventional dating—and yet a first date is still a first date, whether we first encountered that stranger online, through friends, or in line at the supermarket.

If dating (whether online or conventional) is like shopping, we should not feign surprise.

It’s sometime past two in the morning, and I’m trying to make interchangeable sets of torsos, heads, and limbs that fit together to make impossible bodies.

I’ve answered a Call for Papers for a conference on gamification and, since one of the suggested topic areas is “personal relationships,” I’m designing a vaguely rummy-like card game about online dating.

It’s easier to draw, say, a 1 right thigh than a 5 one, so players must decide whether to hold out or “settle” for the lower value card they already have.

The game ends when one player completes a partner (and so earns a 15-point bonus), but whoever has the most points “wins.” The highest-scoring possible partner—one with 5 attribute types in all attribute categories—is a visual catastrophe.

(An undesirable behavior likened to shopping and attributed to women?

Ye gods, I am shocked.) My suspicion is that the shopping critique is a thinly veiled attempt to get dismayed singles to settle—to play that 1 right thigh instead of holding out for a 5.

This person is the exquisite corpse gone wrong, a biologically impossible remix of different ages, races, genders, sizes, and abilities.