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Apathetic about dating

“My future spouse needs to love to hike.” “I need to marry a bookworm like me.” “I can’t stand people who watch Seinfeld.” “If she hates video games it’s just not going to happen between us.” It’s fair to want to be with someone who enjoys the same stuff you do, but be careful not to look for an adventure buddy rather than a future spouse. Look for someone you are comfortable doing life with rather than someone who runs ultra-marathons or kayaks like you.

If you are on the shy side, you’ve probably just assumed you would become friends with someone and eventually fall in love.

If you are a bit more outgoing by nature, your ears probably perk up when your friend talks about a guy at church she thinks would be good for you.

Something happened recently that left me wondering, is it me, or is it them? It’s not ‘lugging wet bags of cement up to the roof of my house’ hard, but anyone who has ever been in my position knows what I mean. If you ever used a dating site, you know what I mean.

Some people love the idea of marrying an awesome friend.

There’s no shame in thinking about how you are going to meet your future spouse, what he or she will be like or what qualities you know you want in a mate.

God loves marriage, and for most Christians who are single, God has a special someone in mind just for you.

Of course you should never settle, but if you find someone you love and who really loves you back, you’ll find a happiness no money can buy. Most people looking for marriage in 2016 grew up as online dating was just beginning, so it’s a scenario most people rarely imagine.