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You can now see over 400 kites visiting the farm at feeding times.

My jaw hit the floor and my eyes bugged out and I questioned just how many adult beverages I had consumed.

The main 'port of Giglio' cam seemed to be broken , it was not showing 5 or 6 pictures every minute, but what seemed like hundreds or even thousands of pictures every minute.

Wild Barn Owls have been nesting at this site since 1994 and most years they have been successful.

However, please be aware that they are in the wild at a remote location and we’re not in control of what happens to them!

I watched this cam daily also, the men working the project stopping for coffee or whatever where those blue umbrellas are.

There are some great pictures on the Giglio website I need to write the story of how utterly fascinated I was with this engineering feat & watching the comings & goings of the people of Giglio.

These badgers will be gradually introduced to the local wild population of badgers Burhou live webcam of the he middle of the seabird colony on the island of Burhou.

There are two live webcams from the heart of the colony.

( at least I think that is what that barge is), A big THANK YOU to the host of this 'live cam' GIGLIO NEWS .

Alan, If you click on the "Hosted by Gigio News" it will take you to Giglio news website where there are several more webcams.

You can also try Barn cam, which is a view of the nest box inside the barn so you can see the adult Barn Owls coming and going, and (hopefully) watch the young owls fledging.

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