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Great Canadian Heli-Skiing offers one of North America’s most comprehensive packages: In addition to nearly 9,000 meters of skiing, they provide backcountry-safety equipment, dining, and lodging. However, if you think they’d prefer some traditional skiing, check out the 5 Best Luxury Ski Trips to Take This Year. Fresh, locally-caught fish (local fisherman pool their wares for this nascent service) delivered to your recipient’s home.

Price upon request; buy now at Eleven Experience The resort is one thing. Eleven Experience offers nine one-of-a-kind chalets around the world—from Crested Butte to Le Miroir—that each come with their own unique experiences.

Think: cat-skiing in the Colorado Rockies, or overnight fishing trips in Islamorada.

From $6,300; buy now at NFL On Location For a small fortune, you can get your friend onto the field for 2018 next Super Bowl.

They’ll meet the players, get an invite to the winning team’s afterparty, and secure 300 (or more, depending on how much dough you drop) seats for the game itself.

Man, that truly is a gift they couldn’t buy themselves.

$293, buy now at Madem Paris You can’t pick up these loud (literally—they’re equipped with 30mm magnetic drivers) and proud headphones anywhere stateside.

LRS Formula allows a choice of track, from the Magny-Cours GP to the Hungaroring Circuit to the Catalunya. $125; buy now at Indoek For an instant upgrade on the cornerstone of every surfer’s repertoire, spring for magnetic—literally, there’s a magnet inside—surf wax from Indoek.

And for more great surfing tips, read Laird Hamilton on the Wave That Nearly Killed Him.

It’s a creative way to add some flavor to anyone’s living room. Life Straw purifies water instantly, so you can drink from natural sources while avoiding any of the traditional hazards.

And if this gizmo ends up saving your friend’s life?

(And yes, many of these come with a heated pool.) Price upon request; inquire at your local ski dealer Ski industry titan Fisher has a proprietary service that makes use of 3D-scanning and vacuum technology to create a fully customized ski boot.