Start Bookmarking the web 2 0 dating websites

Bookmarking the web 2 0 dating websites

Bookmarking is a smart way to earn good backlinks from credible sites.

So why not use Dofollow social bookmarking websites and earn some backlinks which will fetch you good link juice.

In short Social bookmarking websites are those on which people share or search web pages, blog posts, videos, images, articles etc., that other people have bookmarked with the help of metadata. The good thing is that there are many social bookmarking sites which give dofollow links to their users.

This is all very experimental, so your help is appreciated.

Now as always on Slashdot we appreciate your feedback and bug reports. Or even better you could visit the site and consider submitting patches. Lastly, thanks to Tim Vroom who put all of this together.

Social bookmarking is one of the best and easiest ways of earning backlinks from high quality sites, as any SEO professional would tell you.

Social bookmarking will earn you good quality traffic; this in turn will boost your website Alexa pretty much.

You'll also have access to news, tutorials, and forums. I Will Teach You to Be Rich The author of the bestselling personal-finance book "I Will Teach You to Be Rich," Ramit Sethi, created a website of the same name for people who are looking for the "big wins." Sethi provides advice on topics beyond the personal-finance basics, like finding your dream job, making more money, and starting your own business, along with free tools such as his "save $1,000 in one week" challenge. Rockstar Finance The creator of Rockstar Finance, "J.

Money," curates the best money articles from a wide web of personal-finance bloggers and writers — the "rockstars" — and then shares them on his site to get a broad range of voices, opinions, and experiences in one place.

But before you go through this social bookmarking list beware, if you do too much of spamming there you can get penalize easily by the moderators of these websites.

So never spam there and try to promote your websites or blogs in genuine manner.

We plan to add RSS exporting as well as a few other features, but mostly what we're going to try to do is figure out ways to mine bookmarks for stories.