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Because of that I have been biking, elliptical and other non impact sports.

Identifying whther the pain occurs mostly with a straight or bent knee will be key in finding the tissue at fault.

The two may be linked as I had a bad medial calf tear many years ago.

See the soleus in red below: So, what is the course of rehab?

Cross training on the elliptical this week and then gradual integration of running again. The bad news is that the half marathon involves so many steps it may become an endurance based issue.

Hi Brian, Just came across your post, one of the more useful ones out there. Its definetly to do with steep climbing in my case as running on the flat is no problem and now I am attempting to incorporate a more High Knee technique with my foot pointing towards the sky in order to alleviate stress on the claves and make the glutes, quads and hamstrings work more. for about 4 months i was excited to be able to run a bit over 3 miles in about 28 minutes both in the gym and outside. a month ago while outside and after completing a three miles run I did in fact notice my ankle was feeling a bit strained. At two miles I thought, gotta stop so I walked the remainder. I had to take about 12-14 days off and then resumed with a heel lift to reduce ground impact forces until my soleus fully healed.

I’m a mountain runner and suffer with soleus problems. So far it has been working but I think the longer the distance (over 10miles) the more susceptable to strain I am in mountain running. i thought it weird as i did not notice anything during the run. I jumped on the tread mill ready to do and a bit disappointed that I had even had to take three days off. By the time I got home I could not even put weight on it. Ultimately, pain guides the rehab and running progression. Hi Brian, I went to my Physio with a quad haematoma injury and we got talking abou my Soleus problems.

Only 2 miles into it I felt horrific sharp pain just below the calf. This is a frustrating and defeating experience to be sure. We talked and decided I would wear a heel lift to off load the calf for a short while and try to run in the half on 10/18.

While I suspected a small medial head gastroc (calf) tear, I wanted to get my friend and orthopedic surgeon’s medical opinion. As I continued to marvel at my scenario today, I began testing my leg and thinking, “Why can I do a single leg calf raise and single leg hop without pain if my calf is injured? It dawned on me the pain was deeper and perhaps just below the calf.

About 5 weeks ago I felt intense pain near the medial head of my right calf during the end of a 4.5 mile run.

I iced immediately afterward, but I knew something was wrong. I had recently made it back to 4-5 days per week running and thought all was fine.

Not bad for a 184 pound former football player, right?