Start Dating scam ends in murder

Dating scam ends in murder

Smith said she contacted Plenty of Fish to get the profile taken down, and even had to send a copy of her driver's license, plus her email address and birthday, and even then it took another day to get the profile taken down.

The man had been talking to who he thought was Chrissy Smith on the dating site Plenty of Fish, but Smith said she does not and never has had a profile on that site.

You can see why vulnerable, lonely people can get hooked,” Mr Proffitt said.“The other aspect is that you never know who you are talking to over the internet.

There is never a face-to-face confrontation, even with video links all you see is what is in front of you.

“They will always ask for money to be transferred through something like Western Union, never via a bank account.

The second you do that, it is gone,” said Mr Proffitt.

Police, however, are pleading with anyone who suspects they may be a victim to do so.

The reported cases are thought to be worth around £1.4m a month, but it is believed that many go unreported.

We have heard of examples where a fraudster claimed to be a soldier in Afghanistan and used a backdrop which makes it look like they are there.”A common scam is to gain the trust of the victim before making up a story about a sick relative abroad.