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Mandating direct deposit

You can present all the reasons you want why it's a bad idea and you don't want to do it, but the bottom line is that it's not your choice; it's your employer's. They have came back and made him "full-time" employee now but they have never paid him the rest of his money for the previous week. they simply call and tell him to come in 1hr, 2hr or however much hours he has, late because he "can't have over-time. Thats why people should own small business...can direct deposit if they want or they can do a paper check.

And you can always check on its status via CU Online or Money Talk.

Now, even if you're out of town, your deposit is still made for you at the regular date and time.

Sign up now to have your payroll or government check directly deposited to your Southern Security accounts.

Many employers and the government are mandating that you name a financial institution to receive your payments.

No more leaving your work on your lunch break to make a mad dash to deposit your payroll. Your money is already in your account at the credit union.

No more worrying about a check getting lost in the mail or someone intercepting it.

yes, they will let us choose a bank or use thier debit card.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have not won the law suit lottery; in fact, you haven't even won the law suit scratch-off.

Apparently, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

Governor Granholm recently signed a bill permitting the state, in its capacity as an employer, to direct deposit the pay of so-called "nonclassified" employees without the employees' signed permission.

If the person is really opposed to having a bank account, or can't have a bank account, and if the employer is mandating direct deposit, then they should speak to the employer about that.