Start Cute nicknames for dating site

Cute nicknames for dating site

Love of my Life – this one should be reserved for exactly that.

You’re at that point in your dating or relationship that you want to call your guy by a special nickname but it has to be cute so where are you going to find that?

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Rock Star – what guy doesn’t want to be a rock star.

Hot Lips – you love getting his kisses because they are hot. Honey Cakes – he likes cakes you like cakes why not. It is seen in Florida during certain times of the year which is its mating season and how it got its name love bug. If this defines your man, this might be the name for him.

Honey Bee – he is busy all the time and still sweet. Love Bug – there really is a bug called the love bug. Soldier – just like sailor, great for active or retired soldiers.

Mon Bébé D’amour – French translates to my baby love. Munchkin – may he is small and sweet then this could be the name for him. My Heart’s Desire – let him know he is your hearts desire. My World – he is your world but again make sure it is really true before using this one. Mon Dieu De Sexe – French translates to my sex god. Amazing – you find him amazing in every way so let him know. Near and Dear – no matter if he is near or far he is dear to you. Number One – because he isn’t only your number one but your only one. Sexy Pants – the way his pants fit him makes them and him extremely sexy no matter if he is walking toward or away from you. Stud Muffin – you find him to be a stud and you want to devour him too just like your favorite muffin.

Main Squeeze – lets him know no matter whom else is in your life, he is your main guy. Adorable – simply put you find him totally adorable. Mon Ciel étoilé – French translates to my starry sky. Cool – this is the guy who is always cool no matter the situation. Other Half – he is the other half that makes you a whole. P Pumpkin – because you think he is first rate and physically attractive. Sexy Eyes – you find his eyes to be the most sexy eyes you’ve ever seen. Snuggy Huggy – not only does he like to snuggle, he likes to hug.

Dream Boat – from the first time you laid eyes on him you’ve been dreaming of him.