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Dating indian blankets

Kay made a transcontinental trek to the west coast and began working in Oregon's woolen mills.

The Pendleton blankets were not only basic wearing apparel, but were standards of trading and ceremonial use.

The company began to expand their product line into other woolen products such as clothing.

In 1912 the company opened a weaving mill in Washougal, Washington (across the river from Portland) for the production of woolen fabrics used in suits and other clothing.

Prior to that time woolen shirts had been considered work shirts and came in mostly dull colors. with the sole responsibility for management of the Pendleton Woolen Mills.

In 1924 the company began producing men’s woolen sport shirts and by 1929 the company was producing a full line of woolen sportswear. During World War II, 1941–45, Pendleton Woolen Mills devoted most of its production to blankets, uniforms and clothing for the US military services.

When the Bishop assumed ownership, they built a new plant with the help of the town of Pendleton, which issued bonds for the plant's construction.

The family resumed the production of Native-American blankets and introduced new designs, colors, and patterns to their product line. Pendleton round corner blankets are highly coveted by vintage Native-American blanket collectors.

One of the original three Bishop sons, Clarence Morton Bishop—usually known as “C.

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