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Nigerian dating scams match com

Ifediora did not have a job, but entered the country with a degree in sociology.

I almost called the FBI but was told they are aware of this scam and so is the Nigerian government.

I think the biggest giveaway was that he was in Africa and wouldn't say exactly where and then asked me to send him some money when he was supposed to be in the construction business.

When I asked him why he needed to be there doing that kind of work, he said he traveled all over the world.

So if anyone else has been writing to a guy call [email protected] know he's a real fake.

He actually called my cell phone and his accent was anything but English - more like a Nigerian or other African accent and I could barely understand him.

My children were here at my house when all of this was taking place (when he asked me to send him money via and didn't want my son to know about this.

I have our entire conversation from the Yahoo Instant Messenger printed out for my records.

A Hawks team seized three phones and three laptops from his apartment in Rochester Road, Table View.