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Speed dating in boulder colorado

also serves as a seagoing research platform and living quarters for scientists from the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) or other federal or state agencies and universities.

The key challenges that must be met soon include: 1) determining the spatial–temporal pattern of fluctuations of mountain glaciers from the last glacial cycle through the present; 2) relating historical and past fluctuations in glaciers to variability in the primary features of ocean-atmospheric circulation; 3) identifying important but poorly understood processes controlling the motion and erosion of glaciers; 4) developing and expanding the application of numerical models of glaciers; 5) modeling the evolution of mountain landscapes in the face of repeated glaciation; 6) examining the climate and the balance of energy and mass at the surface of glaciers; 7) characterizing the role of intrinsic climate variability on glacier variations; and 8) predicting the distribution, sizes, and nature of glaciers in the future.

While these ambitious goals are achievable and the research tools exist, success will require significant bridging between the existing research communities involved and ambitious integration of research on mountain glaciers.

Basquez, has built a business bringing people together (and not just Catholics).

She says she creates a space where "intentional dating" can take place, with an aim towards marriage, not just "falling into the big dating pool in Denver," she said.

There’s an afternoon social hour planned at Loveland’s lodge, complete with raffle of gear and a two-night stay at Vail Bunkhouse.

LAKEWOOD, CO -- Anna Basquez, of Denver, who calls herself a "matchmaker," held her first her Catholic speed-dating event on a Valentine's Day in 2011 and was surprised when 70 people showed up.

Registration for Chairlift Speed Dating begins at 9 a.m.