Start Busy aunties on cam chat

Busy aunties on cam chat

Me : I write…College news letter ku Management articles laam ezhuduven and then I have a blog… Enna adhulayum management articles daana ezhuduvei boring ah?

Mami has taken up our contact so that in the next 2 yrs we can keep in touch… My daughter is a little extrovert and never believes in any Babaji or Guru ji…She is very un stable about her career…don’t know anything about her choices” Me : “Aiyooo…en chella ammai…

It so happened that, the next day of Karadaiyan nombu, after staging one humorous play, I acted as a married Hindu woman, I had to rush for a lecture, by one guest lecturer from IICT that day….

After the class, the lecturer came to me and asked…

Ipdi daan samalikanum ivalaa laam…Vekkam iliyo avaalukku.alaiyara” Amma just smiled and left… Amma : Meena, andha mami thirupi phone pannina di…She is the nathanar of Amanji mama’s ponnu Janaki….

Akka ku aayitu oru varusham aayitu neku paarka arambingo maa… Un akka ku aana rendu maasathulaye unakum edha koranga paarka arambipom..

Unna neku romba pidichu pochu…en paiyan ku vaena unna paakalamo nu daan… I usually wear simple cotton kurtis with jeans and I hate wearing flowers to my hair while going out…. who’d say no to Swami’s kalyana saapadu B) ) That mami was looking at me only while eating….

But yes, enaku innum jadagam edukalai…so please call pannadel 😛 : I am usually a lakshanam ketta jenmam when it comes to dressing… I could sense something running in mami’s mind…Parthum paarkadha madri vittuten 😛 After all these, all of us sat to eat… Enaku parimarina items laam naan chamatha chapten (Duh! Mami looks at me and smiles and I too smiled eeeh 😀 nu … Me : 🙂 Ashadu vazhinjundu I smiled 😀 Mami : Enna ma pannindrukai nee?

Me : 😀 🙂 Seri mamii 😛 Lecturer: Ellam seri…aana nee indha jeans laam nanna illai… And coz the day before the play was Karadaiyaan nombu, I wore the nombu charadu…It is not thaali……