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Curse client not updating add ons

I’ve been paying close attention to the blogs being published by the Center for Why should the health system pay the same price, on a per-dose basis, for a drug that is only 40 percent effective in treating psoriasis versus 75 percent effective in relieving the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis?

In brief, should a drug add major benefits, considerable benefits, or some moderate improvement against the standards-of-care on the market, the manufacturer and the insurance provider organization in Germany enter into negotiations over pricing.

But I have concerns about Mehr’s discussion on applying the concept to biosimilars — at least this early in the biosimilar game when education of physicians is key.

He writes: What if, to help clinicians gain comfort with the biosimilar and increase rapid uptake, the indication for which the medication was clinically tested was priced at a lower level than for other indications?

It would also suggest the biosimilar is more effective in those conditions, solely because it went through clinical trials.