Start Updating customer information

Updating customer information

The personal identifiable information we collect includes the “Employee Information” described below.

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Let’s say you send a survey to clients and want them to let you know if their address or phone number have changed.

You could create a survey containing fields for street, city, postal code, and phone number, then create a workflow to update the contact record with the data provided. First thing you need to know is survey responses are stored in an entity called Survey Response.

So you could create a workflow that runs on create of Question Answer.

First step, do a check condition step to see if the related survey response is from a contact. The first challenge we are going to hit is that since the answer doesn’t have a direct relationship with contact, we can’t easily update the Contact record from a question response workflow.

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You may also want to check to see if the response contains data, so you don’t overwrite data with blanks. Add a conditional branch for each additional question that you want to update the contact record.

Warnings and considerations This is just a simple example of how you can use VOC surveys to update customer information.

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