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Chronogram dating

Sibley and Ahlquist (1990) recognized that the Paleognathae and Galloanserae were separate branches, and restricted Eoaves to be identical to Paleognathae.

The team didn’t pull the first flower out of thin air.

The downloadable lists are Excel csv files that can be imported into spreadsheets such as Excel, or easily manipulated by programs such as perl. The ABA list includes only ABA recognized species, but in Ti F order, with Ti F families.

The South American list uses Ti F species rather than SACC species.

Despite their enormous diversity in appearance, life cycle and ecological niche, researchers believe all 225,000-plus species of angiosperms descended from a single ancestor.

Finding that very first “ancestral flower” has been the mission of many a budding paleobotanist.

These mutations occur at a fairly steady rate, so the more differences there are between two species, the further back you’ll find their last common ancestor (LCA).

At the same time, by moving back in time along the lineage, researchers can strip away derived traits — characteristics that arose from those later mutations — and zero in on the traits most likely present in the LCA.

Due to its length, the family tree is split into 5 parts.