Start Changmin dating victoria

Changmin dating victoria

When IU started making appearances on talk shows she spoke about the incident and made sure to make sure everyone know it was her fault and that she felt horrible about it and very sorry.

were able to prove the statement and even though not all fans were kind to either star over the situation once things were explained the situation calmed down.

Or sometimes it can just be doing their overtime duty of digging for pictures that confirm, in their minds, that these two idols are dating.

Normally nothing comes of these rumors, a news report or two, maybe a statement from one label or the other stating the two are friends or that the photo was snapped at an after hours lunch gathering of staff for someone’s drama.

The duo have also had numerous CF and MC jobs together as they are both highly loved Korean representatives.

Yet again with a drama co-star, Suzy was more recently caught up in the dating rumor mill with Sung Joon who shared the screen with her for “Gu Family Book“.

While starting her pageantry career, she met Leon Isaac Kennedy, who was a DJ and a struggling actor/writer. Motown’s Smokey Robinson served as best man at the wedding.

According to a report in the , a home movie featuring Kennedy with then-husband Leon engaging in intercourse was one of the earliest known example of a “celebrity sex tape”.

So lets look at a few idol relationships that were only rumor and were either never confirmed or denied. The fact that Eunhyuk looks like he’s shirtless and that the two look like they are lid in a bed had fans in disbelief.