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Willow smith dating tyler

She appeared in a number of movies, starting from 2007.

Whilst most of like to sit on a sun lounger and get stuck into a good book, some people are a little more active on the beach.

Willow Smith was spotted in Hawaii showing off her impressive surfing skills, and she certainly stood out in her neon pink surf suit!

She held forth on child stardom in Interview magazine when she and her brother spoke to Pharrell Williams for an issue last year.

Willow had groused that 'I know so many kids who literally are, like, Instagram-famous.

Her first and by 2017 the only album followed in 2015. Mother: Willow's mom's name is Jada Pinkett, she’s an actress and singer. He is a worldly famous actor, known for dozens of roles in popular movies, including "Men in Black" and others.

Siblings: Willow has two older brothers, both of which are connected to showbiz too. Husbands and kids: as of 2017, the young celebrity is only 17 and it's too early for her to plan a family.

It's by Rip Curl and we love the contrast between the bright pink and the orange zip details.

The long sleeves and zip front means it's suitable if you're a surfing pro, but actually sports luxe swimsuits are a big trend this season even for those of us who don't plan on doing anything more demanding than soaking up the sun.

Willow Smith is only 11 years old, but she’s already gaining a rebellious reputation.

From her hair to her strangely emo tweets, the barely-tweenaged popstar is making it clear that she’s doing things her way. Willow says that 21-year-old controversial rapper Tyler, The Creator “completes” her and is the love of her life. I know that Will has lived more than most kids her age — wise beyond her years, blah blah blah — but Tyler is He’s literally twice as old!

I know most of you aren’t yet that incredibly ancient, but when you are, you won’t be hanging out with 11-year-olds, not unless you’re babysitting them. I hope to goodness that Tyler doesn’t see Willow as anything but a cool little sister, but even so, he clearly knows she’s smitten and is hanging out with her anyway.