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Proposal: to amend WP: Manual of Style (dates and numbers) as follows: Present text: YYYY-MM-DD style dates (1976-05-31) are uncommon in English prose, and should not be used within sentences.

Of course, someone could create a new proposal, but the guidance will be unclear unless and until a new proposal is adopted. - Denimadept (talk) , 7 October 2009 (UTC)If you are right, nothing stops us.

The reason those aren't at issue is because they are already deprecated, leaving YYYY-MM-DD as the only possible alternative to writing the month as a word.

So anyone who like Yogesh Khandke prefers to see the month written as a word is agreeing with me that YYYY-MM-DD should not be used.

--Jc3s5h (talk) , 1 October 2009 (UTC) "No one is being told how to do something so we have to do it this way now with no alternative" is such flawed logic, both in a purely academical framework (False choice) and on Wikipedia (WP: CREEP). If all the people who put the letters "ISO" in their comments are right, the ISO 8601 standard stops us for two reasons.

One is that the standard requires the use of the Gregorian calendar, the use of January 1 as the start of the year (unless you use their special weeks format), and the use of the AD (a.k.a. The other reason is that the standard states "values in the range [0000] through [1582] shall only be used by mutual agreement of the partners in information interchange." (§ No such agreement with our readers has been reached.

--Jc3s5h (talk) , 30 September 2009 (UTC) Rejecting this proposal would not prevent us from saying "The access dates and publication dates should all use a consistent format" (or that we don't care whether they do, so long as all the access dates match all the other access dates, and all the publication dates match all the other publication dates).

If you are trying to solve a simple, concrete problem, then please address the specific problem directly, not with sweeping assertions that are obviously unsupported by a majority of editors.

I also find it amazing that we can have text like "YYYY-MM-DD style dates (1976-05-31) are uncommon in English prose, and should not be used within sentences." (The proposal here would then be "Dates like 1976-05-31 should not be used." or "Dates like 1976-05-31 and 2/3/1999 should not be used.") We have a lot of information to pass on in Mo S, really the injunction against using these dates in text is almost superfluous - perhaps the only value in having it in Mo S is in case of some YYYY-MM-DD warrior getting into an edit war over it.