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If you do not, pull up a seat, read through the course material and we will get you there.

The cost of WGU is much less than nearly any other online or brick and mortar school, and the more classes you want to take in a semester the less you pay and faster you get done.

The coursework was well organized and easy to access from a laptop, phone, or i Pad.

I passed with flying colors and I moved into the role of teaching ELLs the following school year.

The Masters in ELLs prepared me for the Praxis (state test to be certified).

I completed this program in 1 and 1/2 years, but I spent all of my time after work writing papers and studying.

In this paper, we explore and provide taxonomies of the causes and costs of the attacks, and types of responses to the attacks.►We provide taxonomy of the dark side of the Internet; a summary of the damages done by people misusing or abusing the Internet. ►We analyze the technology responses to the dark side.

►We provide a brief prognosis of the future of the dark side.

The school either has inside people working for them or they are hacking into students private e mail accounts. You can't get help for anything outside the school. I hate to tell WGU that the reason people now know things is because of the internet.