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Tech TV's Leo Laporte and I spend somewhat shy of two hours each week to discuss important issues of personal computer security.

This week we discuss Windows having a birthday, Net Neutrality about to succumb to big business despite a valiant battle, Intel's response to the horrifying JTAG over USB discovery, another surprising AWS public bucket discovery, Android phones caught sending position data when all permissions are denied, many websites found to be watching their visitors' actions, more Infineon ID card upset, the return of Blue Borne, a new arrival to our "Well, THAT didn't take long" department, speedy news for Firefox 57, some miscellany, listener feedback, and a look at the very appealing and speedy new "Quad 9" alternative DNS service.

This week we discuss why Steve won’t be relying upon Face ID for security, a clever new hack of longstanding NTFS and Windows behavior, the Vault 8 Wiki Leaks news, the predictable resurgence of the consumer device encryption battle, a new and clever data exfiltration technique, new antimalware features coming to Chrome, an unbelievable discovery about access to the IME in Skylake and subsequent Intel chipsets, a look at who’s doing the unauthorized crypto mining, Web Assembly is ready for primetime, a bit of miscellany, some closing-the-loop feedback with our listeners – and then we share Bruce Schneier’s congressional testimony about the Equifax breach.

This week we discuss the long-awaited end of Start Com & Start SSL, inside last week’s mac OS passwordless root account access and problems with Apple’s patches, the question of Apple allowing 3D facial data access to apps, Facebook’s new and controversial use of camera images, in-the-wild exploitation of one of last month’s patched Windows vulnerabilities, an annoying evolution in browser-based cryptocurrency mining, exploitation of Unicode in email headers, Google’s advancing protection for Android users, a terrific list of authentication dongle-supporting sites and services, Mirai finds another 100,000 exposed Zy XEL routers, Google moves to reduce system crashes, a bit of miscellany including another security-related Humble Bundle offering, and some closing-the-loop feedback from our terrific listeners.

This week we discuss a new bad bug found in the majority of SMTP mailing agents, 54 high-end HP printers found to be remotely exploitable, more than 3/4ths of 433,000 websites are using vulnerable Java Script libraries, horrible free security software, some additional welcome Firefox news, a bit of errata, some fun miscellany, and a BUNCH of feedback from our listeners including reactions to last week's Quad 9 recommendation.

Then we’re going to take a look at BGP, another creaky yet crucial – and vulnerable – protocol that glues the global Internet together.

This week we discuss the details behind the “USB/JTAG takeover” of Intel’s Management Engine, a rare Project Zero discovery, Microsoft’s well-meaning but ill-tested Io T security project, troubles with EV certs, various cryptocurrency woes, a clever DNS spoofing detection system, a terrific guide to setting up the Edge Router X for network segmentation, last week’s emergency out-of-cycle patch from Microsoft, a mitigated vulnerability in Apple’s Home Kit, Valve’s ending of Bitcoin for Steam purchases, finally some REALLY GOOD news in the elusive quest for encrypted email, a bit of miscellany, some closing-the-loop feedback with our listeners, and a look at the security sacrifice Apple made in the name of convenience and what it means.

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This week we discuss some ROCA fallout specifics, an example of PRNG misuse, the Kaspersky Lab controversy, a DNS security initiative for Android, another compromised download occurrence, a browser-based cryptocurrency miner for us to play with...

and Google considering blocking them natively, other new protections coming to Chrome, an update on Marcus Hutchins, Microsoft's "True Play" being added to the Win10 fall creators update, some interesting "Loopback" from our terrific listeners...

and then we take a closer look at the rapidly growing threat of Io T-based "Flash Botnets."This week we examine ROCA's easily factorable public keys, the surprising prevalence of web-based cryptocurrency mining, some interesting work in i OS dialog password dialog spoofing, Google's Advanced Protection Program, some good "Loopback" comments from our listeners...