Start Updating blackberry 8320

Updating blackberry 8320

Although it doesn’t appear to work, this new feature appears to add network share access, which has been a fairly popular request for a number of years.

To be honest though, having been on a Black Berry Bold for a few weeks now, this new OS seems a bit underwhelming at this point.

Granted, this is a fairly early beta and has a long way to go in the life cycle process (it is good to see RIM working on this version prior to wrapping up OS 4.5), so there’s still time to really “WOW! However, until that time, we think this version should currently be considered OS 4.6 for the Curve.

It makes the Curve 8320 every bit the phone that the original Curve 8300 was, and then some. Read full review Less It ain't perfect, but the new T-Mobile Curve is one of the tastiest Blackberries to date.

Sporting smooth lines similar to other Curve models, the compact 8320 feels sturdy and solid in hand.

Remember when we first mentioned OS 5.0 nearly one and a half years ago? Although that version matured into what we now know as OS 4.5, earlier this year, we broke the story about the formal introduction of OS 5.0 within the walls of Waterloo. Yes, that’s right, OS 5.0 for the Black Berry Curve.

Many revisions and version updates later, including a few different creative direction changes — we now have OS 4.6.0 (Bold and Pearl Flip), as well as the upcoming OS 4.6.1 (Javelin/89i) and OS 4.7.0 (Storm) — OS 4.5.0 still hasn’t been officially released in the United States, home of RIM’s largest user base. For those of you who have looked on enviously at the slick-looking ‘Clock’ application on the Bold and Pearl Flip, you will one day be able to have this rather simple Alarm-replacement application on your last generation device.

The QWERTY keyboard is spacious, and even adds a bit more wiggle-room in comparison to its older sibling,...

More It ain't perfect, but the new T-Mobile Curve is one of the tastiest Blackberries to date.

You can throw in the accessibility options and most of the other features found in OS 4.6, as well.

One new feature we noticed was the “Files” application.

In conclusion, the RIM Black Berry Curve 8320 and the T-Mobile @Home service work well together when your home/office and its Wi Fi network fit properly.