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This journey of maturation is not necessarily bound by specific time, but it occurs over these stages.

In later adolescence there is a shift towards bargaining: service is conditional on getting back. Organizations at this stage are concerned with generosity, which means good (corporate) citizenship.

The focus is on leaving something to the community and social engagement.

Groups mean the individual participant has to surrender some value at some point to the collective. To look beyond one’s interest, and even the demands of the society.

To do the right and the appropriate, even if no one approves.

In the first model, the leader is the end, and people are the means. People are the end, and the leader is the means to serve their best interest – which of course could sometimes require hard but fair measures by the leader. Over time, the leader removes controls and creates conditions for growth, much like a gardener does not “grow” the plants, but creates the right environment.

The society’s efforts are harnessed to glorify the leader and build grand structures of no value to the society. A true leader sacrifices to achieve the society’s fair aspirations. Ultimately, leadership is about gradually surrendering control. Organizations are like living organisms, composed of structures and systems.

It’s not enough to have benevolent intent; the best organization measures itself by it. Death is the most certain of all things, and we all die alone.

Showing courage in the face of death is the measure of one’s preparedness.

The first stage of this maturation journey is an infantile attention; it’s selfish and based on own needs. The second is the adolescent concern with fear; which leads to hostility and aggression.

Its organizational equivalent is a focus on competitiveness.

Etsko Schuitema, a transformation consultant, is the managing member of Schuitema – a consultancy about business transformation through business growth, based in South Africa and Pakistan. Organizational leaders care for and grow the employees. Together, they serve the best interest of the people. True leaders concern themselves with removing limitations to the realization of people’s potential.